What You Have To Know Before Jewelry Photo Editing

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What You Have To Know Before Jewelry Photo Editing

One of the hot products of e-commerce websites is jewelry. Without proper shots or lack of details from various angles, your visitors can lose interest. As a result, your sales figure will decrease. So, if you don’t want to lose customers, you will need proper jewelry photo editing.

Jewelry photo needs proper editing and presentation to attract customers. Some of the main problems of jewelry photos you have to edit for are

  1. inappropriate coloring.
  2. pale background.
  3. dust or spot in the jewelry.
  4. unwanted reflections and lighting.
  5. incorrect background.

So, if you want to overcome these problems, you will need a photo editing service. Clipping path Solve is one of the popular Jewelry photo retouching service provider. You can use their service to edit your jewelry photos. Now, let’s start to know more about jewelry photo editing.

Basic About Jewelry Photo Editing

Pieces of jewelry are precious and delicate stuff. Perfect images of jewelry help a customer o choose the best for them. Jewelry photo editing helps to improve the overall aesthetics of your jewelry photo. Color correction, use of lights, and effects are some of the basic jewelry editing work. All this is done to make the jewelry tempting to the visitors. Jewelry photo editing is a complex post-production process for jewelry photos. This improves the quality of the image and represents the simple visual into an appealing presentation. The main purpose of jewelry photo editing is to make your pic more majestic.

Why you will need jewelry photo editing

Every photographer edits their photos. Cameras don’t provide true color temperature, and pictures don’t usually look the way you take them. So, editing is the only solution to give your jewelry a good look. Jewelry photography is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to shoot top-notch accurate photos of your jewelry. So, you will need to edit your image to make it perfect. Some edits like background removal, reflection, adjustments of shadow, contrast, lighting, and resizing will remove the flaw of your image. The main reason to edit your jewelry photo is that it lifts up your website’s professional look. The growth of your online business depends on quality photo editing. So, it is clear that jewelry photo retouching is a great way to improve the customer’s shopping experience.


Some basic Jewelry Photo editing Processes

Jewelry photo editing is a complicated and time-consuming task. We will recommend you edit your jewelry image from professionals. Because amateur editors can’t handle complicated images of jewelry properly. As a result, the chances of ruing your image increase. So, we suggest you go for professionals like Clipping Path Solve. Editors usually use photoshop and some other tools for editing. So now, let’s talk about some essential and standard jewelry editing processes.

Cleaning dust and scratch

It is widespread to see dust and scratches on your image. This can ruin the clean look of your product. So, it is essential to take care of this flaw. For this professional jewelry, photo cleaning is commonly used. Expert photo editors use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to remove this unwanted product.

Polishing Jewelry

After a photo shoot, your jewelry image will need some polish in different areas. It is because every polish and shine can’t be photographed. Image-enhancing technology used by professionals gives the image a perfect shiny look. Retouching tools used by professionals will provide you with an ideal image. A perfect image of beautiful pieces of jewelry attracts customers.

Jewelry Metal smoothing

Stones or light can make a harsh shadow on the metal part of jewelry. It will ruin the beauty of the fine polish metal of your jewelry. So, ultimately your customer won’t like your product. Professionals use the unsharp mask tool to soften the sharp edges of the metal and make it look awesome. The sharpen tool of photoshop is also used to adjust the sharp edges of the jewelry metal.

Reflection Removal of Jewelry

Shiny metals and stones of jewelry can create unwanted reflections. And these reflections can make your jewelry look ugly. As a result, your customers will lose interest in your product. Removing the reflections from the photo is quite a complex and time-consuming task. So, experts take help from different tools to do so. A commonly used tool is the clone tool. Because it is helpful for replacing the reflection areas.

Color Correction and Recoloring of Jewelry

Even after a professional photoshoot of your jewelry, you will need more accuracy. Color correction methods need to rectify the jewelry images. Sometimes you need to edit the color of your jewelry to show the piece’s natural beauty.

Balance the contrast or brightness

Inappropriate contrast or brightness spoils photos. The same goes for jewelry photos. Finding the perfect balance of contrast is pretty hard while shooting. So, it is more beneficial to balance it by editing. You can also change the brightness and change it to your need by editing.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

raw images of jewelry don’t look appealing. It is because of a lack of proper lighting, shadow, and reflection. Creating a perfect shadow makes an image more realistic. If you want to make your jewelry more alive, you will need an ideal shadow effect. The most used software for shadow creation is Adobe Photoshop.

Background Removal of Jewelry

The most common edit of a jewelry photo is background removal. To make your product stay in the main focus, you have to remove the background.

Final Adjustments

Some standard final adjustments of jewelry photo editing are

  • Resizing
  • Removing blurry areas
  • Shaping
  • Textures


Always try to hire professionals for your jewelry photo editing. Clipping Path Solve is a well-known Jewelry retouching and editing service, provider. They have a free trial version too.