Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General Question

Can I get free trials to check your service quality?

Undoubtedly you will get 2-3 free trials to check our working quality.

How can I contact with you?

We think that having close contact with our clients establishes a good relationships. Besides You can contact us by mail and we provide 24/7 customer support.

What types of images you work with?

We’ve honed our ability to work with a variety of file format across the year. Though we receive jpg, psd, tiff, png and raw format.

Are Your Jobs Done Manually Or any other automated software?

We do all of our editing work by hand using Adobe Photoshop. By doing this we can assure you the quality and customization. We don’t utilize any (AS) because an automated software miss a lot of the fine details that we vow to each of our clientele.

Image Upload & Download

How do I upload my files?

Clients can use the Hightail upload box to send files to Clipping Path Solve. Hightail has a maximum file uploading potential of 500GB, and you can upload a zip file or up to five files at once, each of which is limited to 10GB. Afterwards when the transferring is done, an instant alarm will be sent to both the client and the CPS production team.

How do I download my completed image?

We’ll set up a profile for you on our FTP server containing your unique login details, where we’ll store all of your ready-to-use photographs. We’ll send you the login information so you can download your photographs from our FTP site with ease.

Using FTP server is safe?

Definitely. It’s a premium file-transfer protocol that’s extremely secure. We understand the importance of your photographs and are dedicated to receiving them with the utmost security and secrecy.

What Signs Do I Have That My Images Are Available To Download?

When photos are available for download on our server, you would be alerted.


Are you able to provide rush delivery service?

Our rush service is the perfect option whenever you need to process a huge number of photographs in a short amount of time. This service offers a unique facility for completing tasks rapidly.

Are you accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Indeed, our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work not only throughout the day but also at nighttime to ensure that your work is completed on schedule.

How long does it take you to complete the task?

It all relies on the image complexity, volume, and quality. After sending you the price quotes, we’ll let you know how long it will take us to complete your assignment. We are dedicated to doing our task on time.

Quality & Satisfaction

Do you have quality assurance system in place?

It is critical to accomplish a job within the specified time frame. However, it is more necessary to do the assignment in a high-quality manner. Yes, we adhere to a strict three-step quality control approach across our entire production. It indicates that the entire images are of the highest possible quality.

What Happens If I’m Not Happy With The Results?

We guarantee that the result will be completed according to your directions, but if you are not satisfied with the work, whether it is a test job or a work order with numerous photographs (perhaps hundreds), we will offer you with a free overhaul after receiving your input.


What Payment Method Do You Use?

We have a safe and simple payment method in place. Credit card payments can be made via PayPal. We also receive checks from US customers, as well as standard banking transactions.

Is here any hidden charge?

No, here isn’t any hidden charge. This kind of charges broke our relationship with our clientele.


Is your organization socially aware?

We also feel that as a company, we bear some responsibility for it due to the part of this society. We donate winter clothing and money to the needy and underprivileged people.


What is the price per image that you charge?

Our price lists can be found in the right column of our website. It is, however, limited by image quantities, quality, and time limits. Kindly submit your queries at

Is there any discount if I order a large quantity?

We certainly do! A discount can be bestowed if a customer submits a project at least 100 photographs, and it raised up to 50% based on the image quantity and image classifications.