Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching is the method to create photos amazing. It is a couple of words known as Photo Retouching, Photoshop Retouching, Product Retouching, Beauty Retouching, as well as Product Retouching. Mostly it creates any product or model that seems sharp, refreshes, and beautiful. It is the usual truth, all photographers get dust, place, damage, and we solve all difficulties. Most of all product elegance or model beauty requirements retouching. Dirt spots is one of the major problems identified on all common Images.

The advent of digital graphics programs and above all those dedicated to photo retouching, ie those that act on the image structured on pixels, have removed all limits to the intervention on photographic images.

The photo editing allows both the recovery of wrong shots or the correction of low-quality photos and, and it is the part that interests me most, the creation of ‘collages’ without limits of realization.

However, the material available does not always have the most suitable characteristics to create the work you think about and in this case, the digital graphics programs allow you to intervene even radically on the chosen image, depriving it of any background, parts that are not useful to the final work, making use of layers, masks, transparencies, shades and superimposed effects harmonized to the point of contributing to the creation of an alternative and original final image capable of expressing a message very different from that of its separate parts.

The possibilities that each photo editing program offers are enormous and in a certain sense quite easy to obtain, but they must be used with extreme sensitivity and intelligence.

The experience obtained through long experimentation makes us able to chain the various parts of the work and allows us to use these means with the right balance to obtain something that is ‘ours’ and not visibly of the computer program that is and must be only a means and help and sometimes a starting point for unexpected goals.

Photographic retouching is the set of procedures that lead to the modification of a photograph, in order to improve its aesthetics, modify the subject, eliminate or add details. The procedures, methodologies, results, and skills involved vary a lot if you are dealing with a digital medium or an analog medium.

Digital photo retouching


It means the digital process for which the images are arranged, modified, mounted, using photo editing programs. Nowadays there are many professional photographers who use digital to improve their images. If once, in fact, mechanical filters applied to camera lenses were widely used, or particular types of image development were used to achieve particular results, now it happens more and more often that digital post-production software is used to create effects that were once very expensive and very complicated to make.

One of the most popular photo editing programs on the market is Adobe Photoshop, which has now become a standard in the environment. The professional figure of the digital graphic designer able to operate meticulous digital photographic retouching is increasingly indispensable in the fields of photography, advertising, publishing.

As for shots of people or portraits, photo editing is divided into two fields:

The extreme photographic retouching

Realistic photo retouching

The extreme photo retouching aims to generate an image that is well balanced with the content in which it is inserted; the identity of the subject is not important, as it can be freely distorted for graphic purposes. The images produced by this technique can be used in websites, advertising graphics, videos, illustrations and can be very far from the reality of the photographic subject.

Realistic photographic retouching is a more detailed and studied post-production process because it has three strong points on which to process images:

The subject must appear better (thinner, more beautiful, more attractive)

The identity of the subject must be maintained

The photo editing must be convincing, the subject must appear natural.


We reconstruct the damaged or missing parts of the old photograph, we erase dots, scratches, cracks, we recover details and details that have been lost, we optimize the contrast and chromatic values, etc. At the end of the completed restoration, you will be given back your old original photo, and a perfectly restored digitized copy.


With the help of dedicated software, we are able to offer a complete beauty service: we reduce skin imperfections, eliminate the signs of cellulite, change the color of the eyes and hair, whiten the teeth, define the lips more, thin out the eyebrows, let’s make your body slimmer and your skin together with your eyes will acquire more brightness. This service is ideal for your photo books, casting, and advertising



Often a photomontage is necessary when the subject has come out well, but the background leaves much to be desired: in this case, we can perform a photomontage, keeping only the subject of the original photo, which will be inserted in another context, with a different background. This service is ideal for those who want to give a special gift to their loved one or to make your own personalized invitations.



We process and transform simple photographs into artistic photographs, into unique and inimitable paintings, we paint “by hand”, with digital brushes, your most expensive photos. You can use this digital photo processing service to create greeting cards, personalized business cards, invitations, etc. We process your photo to turn it into a real artistic painting.

Jewelry retouching:


Jewelry retouching is the online editing of photographs with the help of special image editing software such as Photoshop or LightRoom, to improve the quality and overall impression of the photo, or to make jewelry more fascinating by exploring the effects of light and color, making the stones brighter, removing stains or scratches. All these jewelry photo retouching services are mainly required for commercial purposes. Our jewelry photo retouching service guarantees captivating results that strike the attention for their brilliance, deep colors, and absence of imperfections.

Photo retouching is the formula for you to achieve the complete you need. We provide our services to you which means you will have outstanding and perfect pictures. We include surface and enhance normal colors to take out the particulars in the photo. Generally, Photo retouching service is one of the perfect and innovative service offers by Clipping Path Resolve. Mainly, the specialists of Clipping Path Solve can make certain the quality in every individual of done photos specifically as per our client’s requirements.