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Provide hand-drawn advanced photo editing services by highly skilled designers who can bring your pictures to life. For that, you can easily drive your sales on online business.

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High-Quality Image Editing

Get high quality photo editing service according to your quotes and requirements. Undoubtedly, we can ensure that you will get good quality service from us.

Most Affordable Pricing

Get Expert's assistance from our Professional Image Editing Services to receive highly appealing and professional images at the most affordable rates within quick TAT.

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Instant Customer Support

Get 24/7 amazing customer support directly with our executives. This is one of the most important parts of an image editing service. 

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is a vector path that creates an outline around the image by cutting out the noisy background to get an appealing exposure of an image. Also, it gives you the flexibility to design versatile product images across the web.

Clipping Path Solve is able to help you to get the best clipping service due to our experienced and skilled designers. They can do it on time to save your valuable time whatever the picture is. 

Step into the Editing Process

Just get into the photo editing process by creating your account and send a bunch of images to us as you have. After completing the image editing by our professionals you can download photos. 

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Get Image Editing Services Done Perfectly

Looking for high-quality photo editing service. Choose your Service and make your images outstanding and enhance perfection.

  • Image Editing
  • retouching Photo Retouching
  • Image Post-Production
Clipping Path

Easily cut out a photo by hand-drawn clipping path service with shape.

Background Removing

Removing the background from an image can make the picture look attractive and we do it a real short time with professional hands. 

Image Masking

To get sharp and clean images do hair, fur and every detail of the pictures.

Shadow Making

To get a realistic vibe do create shadows of the image subjects. So that the pictures look more natural.

Ghost Mannequin

By doing Ghost mannequin can allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Car photo Editing

Just grab potential clients' attention to sell cars online. 

Multi Clipping Path

It helps you to create multiple paths of an image in details to get a natural vibe.

Color Correction

To get an appealing look color correction is essential. That is why, By using color correction, you can make or break an image's real look. 

Photo Retouching

Polish your art by using advanced photo retouch techniques and fix every imperfection perfectly.

Product Photo Retouching

Retouch your product picture according to your needs.

Jewelry Retouching

This retouching service helps you to transform the jewels into limelight. 

Beauty Retouching

To get gorgeous appearance in photographs, you can captivate the viewer's attention.

Headshot Retouching

Our headshot retouching service improves photos to make them more impactful and sophisticated.

NewBorn Baby Photo Editing

Redness on a newborn's face is a common issue that necessitates skilled editing.

Wedding Photo Retouching

 Due to remembering your happy moments, retouch the pictures to look appealing.

Photo Restoration Service

We can help you to revive severely deformed ancient and precious damaged pictures.

Grow E-commerce businesses

If you have ecommerce business then you must have various types of product photos to sell online. We are here for you to provide outstanding image editing services according to your requirements. So that you can hook your potential clients and drive more and more sales. 

Food Photo Editing

Would you like to get mouth watering food image editing? We are here to bring an appetizing look for you.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Make your buildings infrastructure looks sensational.

Image Post Production
360° Product Photo Editing

Adjust every angle of your product by using 360° editing and grab client’s attention to it.

School Photo Editing

Touch up headshots or group photographs of school student with your style.

Furniture Photo Editing

We offer impeccable furniture photo editing service to retouch beds, chairs, benches, couches, table stands, shelves, bookcases, racks and all other types of furniture and fittings.

Our Pricing

Clipping Path

Starting at 0.29$ USD/image

Photo Retouching

Starting at 0.89$ USD/image

Ghost Mannequin

Starting at 1.25$ USD/image

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Key Benefits of Clipping Path Solve

Nowadays clipping paths are one of the most popular photo editing techniques for various purposes. Clipping Path Solve helps professional photographers, eCommerce business owners, magazines, Automobile industries, Garment industries, printing design etc.  We have 650+ satisfied clients who have got our services with high quality work. 

We work with some of the world's potentials brands!

Interesting thing is we are working with the world’s biggest brands such as amazon, ebay etc. we provide around 3,000,000 images per year.

What do we offer as a Photo Editing Company?

Clipping Path Solve offers a wide range of image editing services in the world such as clipping path, image masking, shadow making, photo retouching, image restoration, background removing, raster vector and many more. We are able to provide the best service of the clients.

Undoubtedly, our professionals do all kinds of image editing work with a lot of industries so that we can measure their capability of work.

Furthermore we are pleased to submit our work to our clients with a quick turnaround time. We can assure you to maintain the 100% confidentiality of your images.  In business, responsibility is one of our principal investments. Just upload your images through our web uploader and relax for the next morning. Because we work 24/7 hours.

To get impressive and captivating images take our service by taking 2-3 free trials. By doing this you can check our turnaround time, quality of the image and rush delivery.

Business Solution

Professional Photographers

If you are a professional photographer you don’t have enough time to edit photos right? Just leave the post production house who can help you to stand out.

E-commerce stores

E-commerce stores means you must need appealing pictures to attract potential clients and drive sales and we can allow you to process your images according to your desired requirements.

Photo studios

If you have a photo studio and don’t have enough time to edit images then we can help you with.

Photography Agency

Most of the photography agency needs photo editing help from image editing companies because they have huge schedule to shoot.


We can serve you with all of your photo editing concerns if you're a catalogue mail order firm with a lot of photographs to process.

Fashion Industries

This is one of the largest growing businesses in the world who needs help from image editing services. Because they design a lot and shoot models to drive sales which can be online or physical.

Grow your business by hiring the best image editing service

Outsource photo editing services are a billion dollar industry in current times. And we are here for you to do that job on time. So are you looking to grow your business with quality images? Our mission is to provide the best clipping path services. We are a skilled bulk image editing company who can help you to grow your business. Moreover, A Company grows and thrives while they put strong teams in their place. Right now we are offering our service in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland and many more countries.

Client Review

I always try to Clipping Path Solve a great review. This company is so good and professional. We have hire him for countless projects and never once has he ever ever ever been late. They are always delivered on time. They are always delivered exactly what we have asked from. Thank you Clipping Path Solve team, you truly are a blessing to our company and clients.


I loved working with Clipping Path Solve. They took great care of my extremely fragile ceramic art pieces and did a wonderful job with the photos. They’re highly professional and well-organized and it was a pleasure working on this project with them. I’ll be sure to use them for my next photoshoot and will recommend them to other artists.

Gregory Knopp

High quality images is a key to e-commerce success. So when I’ve started my business it was really important to me to find a professional team, that can provide not only fast and reliable service, but also a creative approach and help to develop a creative strategy. I’m glad I’ve came across Clipping Path Solve:) it has been a great experience! These guys really know what they are doing, they approach each project as their own, fast turnaround, detail-oriented and very pleasant to work with! Highly recommended!

Maria Ignatiadis