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Clipping Path Solve is one of the largest Photo editing and Graphic design company in the world. Which offers perfect photo editing which you need? We provide professional photo editing service like Clipping Path, Photo Editing, Image Masking Service, Photo Retouching Service, Color Correction Service, Drop Shadow Service, Reflection of Shadow, Cropping Image, Background Removal, Photo Restoration, Ghost Mannequin Service, E-commerce product photo editing, Car Background Removal Service, jewelry image editing service yet others Photoshop Services. We are providing you very perfect services with Adobe Photoshop. Clipping Path Solve is the primary option for clipping path, Background Removal, Image Masking, and all types of photo editing services.

Our best requirements are at a low-cost price, 24/7 client support, on-time delivery, Quality product, quick reply. Often be our believe partner and enjoy unlimited photo editing services.

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Clipping Path Solve is always price dependable Clipping Path and Photo Retouching Service of the image quality and quantity.

Our Services


Clipping Path

Clipping path is a service where you can remove or cut out your 2D By this service you can have full control of your object image and do anything to make it look professional. This service is for enhancing and making an image look professional and appealing for the buyers. Your eCommerce product picture must have a professional picture to attract more buyers.

Adobe Photoshop has a specific tool to do this service, which is a pen tool. With the help of this pen tool, you are able to cut or remove any kind of background from an image. The pen tool helps you to isolate any kind of background manually. Multiple color paths can be done by this tool.

The technology of clipping path methods makes that new, normal seem. Quite than basically gloss over pictures, our photo editors carefully re-create the photos and consist of the preferred modifications.


Background Removal

Most of the clients want to remove the background of their images. They want to have a plain and sleek background for their images. A perfect background can enlighten an image.

A perfection and good looking image can attract lots of buyers. If your image background is not good or not going with your image then changing the background can help you. We provide you the service. I take your image and remove the old background with a sleek background and make your image glow to attract buyers.

Most of the famous and renowned brands like- Amazon, E-Bay, AliExpress, etc. requires to have a white background for your product’s image. A background removal service is not about just remove background and give only white color. We work on customer demand.


Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is a service where you can isolate the mannequin layer of your product image. This is the most demanding work nowadays. It’s an Explicit Joint Service of Adobe Photoshop.
Explicit joint service is about clearing and grouping the neck to a new image. Here, another image means an invisible layer of the image. Through your product images’ background turns transparent and becomes invisible. Hiring a model for every product and color is expensive and lengthy. You can come to use for ghost mannequin service and make the background invisible and later you can apply the image on any background. Just handover your product image to us and give us your full requirements and the deadline. We will knock you with the project done before your deadline.


Image Masking

Image masking is a part of Adobe Photoshop where are able to increase your product image quality and attract more buyers. With help of this service, you can hide a layer of your product image and release some parts of an image.

Image masking is a process of removing background from your product image. This is not an easy task only skilled and professional workers can do this job. We are here to do this tough work finish easily for you. This service is mostly used for models and images with a smooth platform. Some area needs a professional hand to cut off the critical corners of the image. We are here to remove background from hair area or fur kind object. Photoshop masking is the technique where you will have all the services.


Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a tool of Adobe Photoshop where you can improve your object image and prepare it for the final presentation. You can fix the skin tone of your image with this tool.
You may have a high-resolution camera but it can not capture all of it. There always stays a leak of work which is done by this service. Almost every model image needs retouching, without this the product will not come out perfect. This tool is used to fix spot, sketch, imperfection, or blemish. We clean all of the areas to give the photo a professional look. A photograph contains many dullness and reflections which need to have a retouch. We have professionals to do all of this.


Shadow Making

Creating a shadow of a product image is called Drop Shadow. Drop a shadow is a tool of Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes a shadow under your product image can make your product image look natural and more appealing.

An image shadow is just a dark layer under the product image. Most of the image has a shadow of the object but some do not have shadow because of the lighting position. But you can create a shadow with the help of Adobe Photoshop. We create a 3D layer of your product image and make the layered dark under your object image. Sometimes clients demand to have a reflection under their product image, drop shadow helps to do the service for them.

Why Choose Clipping path Solve

Quality & Commitment

Customer satisfaction is our best priority. Clipping path Solve has an uncompromising dedication to provide you perfect quality work and solutions at fairly cost. We do provide our buyer finished files after moving the total quality check.

Best Price Offer

Clipping Path Solve provides you the best price that you need. We ensure, you will find the most competitive price at financial price which you require. Regarding selecting the perfect solution just goes through the price menu, notify us and be our valued buyers.

Quick Services

Must you find back your completed photos from us with high-quality support? You are in the best place. Clipping Path Solve is very professional on timely delivery support. We have the ability to do any quantity of the photo within a very quick time.

24/7 online Support

Our support team remains 24/7 time online within 365 days to get sure our useful customer quick support. Create certain you great -quality image editing service to build up a good business relationship. Please feel free email us for any question. Clipping Path Solve is always prepared to do solve your concern.


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We offer many platforms for our professional Photo editing and Photo Retouching service cheap price. We provide Clipping Path, Background Removal, Image Masking, Photoshop Retouching, Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint and Deep Etching services. You can verify the list set forth to take on board whether or not we are useful for you. So we can give you an easy solution to your job needed.

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Clipping Path Solve Always Prepared To Client’s Satisfaction

Clipping Path Solve has a great policy which is, “Client’s satisfaction”. We always try our best to satisfy our clients. If we run after only money then there will not be enough scope for satisfaction. We maintain our quality work at the best price. Price is not the main fact for us. Only the client’s satisfaction is main for us.

Our useful services are Clipping Path Service, Background removal Service, Image Cut-Out Service, Photo masking Service, Neck Joint Or Ghost mannequin service, Photo Retouching Service, Photo Manipulation, Photo Restoration Service, Car Image Editing Service as well as Photoshop services. We have a qualified graphic designer team they’re working here various three shifts in a day with a sense of privacy.

Some people search for a cheaper rate. They will find many of the companies at a cheaper rate. Average work with a cheap rate is not professional. You will not get 100% from the cheaper companies. I want quality work then you have to pay the right price for the work. We do not run after money, we make sure that our clients are getting what they wanted to have. We fulfill all the requirements of clients and make them satisfied.

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