Outdoor Fashion Photography tricks and tips 

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Outdoor Fashion Photography tricks and tips 

Most fashion photographers preferred the indoors for fashion photography. But some photographers are different. And they don’t like to capture indoor images. Instead, they like to go outside for fashion or other product photography. Because shooting outside is fun, creative, and natural. Also, there are many important reasons for the choices. Some photographers love to take on the challenges of outdoor fashion photography. And some of them like to capture beautiful backdrops of nature. Outdoor photography is cheap, and it is one of the major reasons.

A good camera and a good-looking model are the perfect combinations for fashion photography. If you can manage both, it won’t be a fact for you whether you shoot indoor or outdoor shooting. But it is essential to know some outdoor fashion photography tricks and tips. This article will inform you about some outdoor fashion photography tricks and ideas. This article is divided into two-part. In the first part, you will know about outdoor photography tips. And in the second part, you will learn about some tricks. So, let’s start.

Useful Tips for Outdoor Fashion Photography

It is highly recommended that beginners fill up all the expert suggestions properly. Follow famous outdoor photographers and research their photos are your 1st work. Below I have tried to cover some important tips for you. I hope these tips will be helpful for you.

1. Selecting The Timing 

The time for shooting depends on climate conditions. It is important to stay away from the sun when it is at its top. Because your model face will lose its familiar tone due to the deep shadows caused by bright sunlight. First, you need to decide what kind of image you need. After that, you have to fix the number of sorts of pictures you need to click. Temperature and light have a tremendous impact on an image. So be careful to choose the time of the day for a shoot. Professional photographers try to shoot in the golden hour of the day. So, it is a useful suggestion for beginners to try to shoot in the golden hour.

2. Focusing The Eye 

The most important thing to remember before fashion model photography is always to focus on the eye. For a good-looking, attractive photo, the eyes to be in focus and tack sharp! The sharpness of the eye will give your model a beautiful and attractive look. Without adopting a new strategy or making something creative, focusing on the eye is necessary. If you can focus on the eye correctly, you don’t have to worry about focusing on the rest of the face.

3. Perfect Expression

A perfect photo expression of the model is very important. So, it’s a good practice to communicate with your models before shooting. First, you have to express your ideas and thoughts about the shot. This will help your model to perform as you want. But don’t forget to take suggestions from them. Give your model freedom to know about their perfect posture and strong points.

4. Ensure The Perfect Lighting 

Lighting is everything in a photo. You make a photo to tell a story just by adjusting light. Most photographers use artificial lights in an indoor photoshoot. But in, outdoors, artificial lights are not that effective. You have to search for the perfect lighting and the angle of light. Accurately judging the light’s amount, harshness and angel are key to a perfect photo. Improper lighting can ruin a photo. So, you have to take extra care about the lighting setup of your outdoor image. Because you have to use natural light in outdoor shoots you need an idea about the weather of the place you are shooting. Because weather knowledge will give you the perfect decision masking power. You can use a reflector for better results.

5. Selecting A Suitable Area 

First, you have to pick the right spot to shoot where the climate is fantastic. A perfect place gives you enough opportunity to show your creativity in your photos. For the perfect location visit popular websites and photographers’ pages to gain an idea about where you can find good places. The aesthetics and environment play a huge impact on your subject. Blurry background with some minimal objects can also change the aesthetics of your photo. So, don’t ignore the power of the place you are shooting. Always try to properly utilize the place you are shooting. A perfect place can also flourish your subject or model. So don’t compromise with the place you are shooting.

6. Choosing The Best Gear 

In this case, your gears are camera, tripod, reflector, and lenses. Choosing these gears for the shoot is important. Because proper gear is necessary for proper work. If you make mistake while choosing the gear you won’t get the perfect result. To avoid these mistakes first you need to gain proper knowledge about photography gear. When you have to use which lens or camera is the basic and most important knowledge of outdoor photography. After that choosing perfect reflectors, soft lights, or other thing comes in second place. You have to do research about cameras and lenses. Because this will help you to determine the best gear for you.

7. Always Shoot Raw 

You will lose some of the information and subtleties if you shoot in jpeg. You will also have fewer altering abilities for shooting in JPEG. But pictures shoot in raw doesn’t have this type of liability. Also, you will have all the subtleties. RAW images give you more flexibility in editing. so, it’s always good to shoot pictures in RAW format.


Photography is a sector of digital art. And art won’t have rules. Only your creativity will enhance a photograph. In this article, I have tried to show you only some of the basic tips. Don’t take this tis as a constant. These tips are useful but they aren’t must use. So, open your mind and think creatively to do creative. Best wishes and keep shooting.

Outdoor Fashion Photography Tips and Tricks (part 2)

In our first part, we talked about outdoor fashion photography tips. Now it’s time to learn about some tricks and ideas of outdoor fashion photography. These ideas and tricks will boost your performance if you are a new photographer. So, without further due, let’s know the tricks and ideas. Keep in mind that Background removal, photo retouching, and color correction services, will help you a lot in this.

1. Create a Comfort Zone For Your Model

If the model doesn’t feel well, your working interests will decrease If your model doesn’t feel well. Giving their best at work is only possible if you provide them with a suitable environment. Your success depends on how you interact with your models. Communicate with them freely to make them comfortable with you. You have to make sure your model has experience in outdoor shooting and is comfortable with it. Some elements you have to pay attention to make your model comfortable are


Environment or area.

Dress and makeup.

Comfortable conduct.

Proper planning.

Excellent facilities.

2. Proper Use of Flashlight and Ambient Light

Proper lighting is necessary for any kind of shoot. To give your photo, some special touch of sunlight is not enough. So, if you use a flashlight and ambiance light, you can create some special effects. Using a flashlight and ambiance lights is essential for a good fashion photo. If your image doesn’t have proper lighting try to use photo retouching, and color correction services.

3. Try Different Exposers

Trying out different exposure for a picture is a good habit. Because it will give you flexibility during the edit. You will never know which exposure will be the best for your image without experimenting. So, trying different exposure gives you the chance to choose the best. You will lose subtleties if your picture is over-exposed or under-exposed than you desire. So, trying to mix things up is safe when you shoot some essential pic for your clients. This habit will help you in the post-production part because it will give you many options and subtleties to edit. If you are confused then try the photo retouching service from Clipping Path Solve. In addition, a color correction service will also help you.

4. Never Shoot Pictures Under 50mm.

If your picture doesn’t give any valuable survey, the time and money will be wasted. Until you are beneath 50mm, your pic won’t turn out to be entirely observable. A zooming lens will build the haze of bokeh. Nonetheless, most of the photographers use a focal length of   120mm and 200mm. This part of the focal length is essential, and you should keep this in mind.

5. Choosing The Right Background


Background plays a vital role in every photography. But in outdoor photography, it becomes more critical. Because outdoor photography mainly depends on the surroundings and background. A perfect background has the ability to enhance your photography. You have also to take care that your background should not overwhelm the model. An attractive and suitable background is the primary key to a beautiful image. In this case the background removal service Is very helpful.

7. Try to Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct daylight is not suitable for design photography (90% times) on most occasions. Harsh light can create darker and unwanted shadows. They may also cause discomfort to your models. Because of that, they may not perform well. Direct sunlight can overexpose your subject. It can easily ruin the aesthetics of your image. If your image contains direct sunlight don’t worry use photo retouching service.

8. Proper Placement of Your Subject

It is an excellent technique to place the subject in the middle of the more significant part of the occasion. Because if you put your subject in the middle, it will quickly catch viewers’ attention. Placing the subject in the middle is the safest and easy technique for making a pic eye-catchy. You can also try the rule of thirds and some other famous rules.

9. Experiment With Angles

Try to shoot your model from different angles. Because it will give you many pictures to choose from. You can quickly get the best pose or angel for your model or subject if you shoot from different angles and perspectives. You have to be creative when doing this type of work. But don’t go too far. Because if you mass things up by finding different angles, it can quickly ruin your shooting time.


Taking photos is an art. And art can’t be learned by obeying rules. You have to make your imagination power stronger. If you can make your vision strong, you can shine in the field of art. Digital art, like photography, needs some tricks too. So, I tried to cove some important tricks in this article. I hope this will be helpful for you and you will apply these. The main thing you have to focus on the satisfaction of yourself. Your art must have to please you. If it pleases you, then you can call yourself a pro photographer. You will learn how to please your customer if you can make yourself satisfied with your photographs.