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Mankind has been living with memories. Memories that drive them towards prosperity. Marriage is perhaps the most sacred vow that a man and woman can ever vouch for. And if that day is not preserved as precious memories, then you are not human at all.

Weddings are always a gift of celebrations, joy, and fulfillment. However, if you can’t preserve those memories in pictures, that is really unfortunate.

For that you need a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are like the eyes of the world. This pair of eyes will see what is worth celebrating and capture that moment with his lens.

A good wedding photographer will make you relive the magical moments even if you are seeing those after decades.

Now wedding photography is a whole new array of expertise. However, we are providing you with world-class retouching services using Adobe Photoshop. You will get the best deals within your affording range. Explore our services to know more.

Wedding Photo Retouching ServicesWedding Photo Retouching Services

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Wedding Photo Retouching ServicesWedding Photo Retouching Services
Wedding Photo Retouching ServicesWedding Photo Retouching Services

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Wedding Photography Retouching Services

Now, as wedding photography is a crucial element, so are the retouching services. Now, what is retouching? You see, when you click a photograph, there are a lot of issues to resolve.

It may be the framing or the bad lighting. In advanced flaws like spot fixing, color correction, Lightroom editing ends up making the list very long.

This is where retouching services come to the rescue. In other words, it is called post production. Now, wedding photo retouching is a bit complex compared to the other casual works.

As we all know how important weddings can be in a couple’s life, it is our job to provide the best possible results. To sum things up, ten services that can be provided for wedding photos. These are:

  • Photograph Culling
  • Photography Post Production
  • Photo Retouching
  • HDR Photo Blending
  • Removing & Changing Background
  • Remove & Add Objects or People
  • Color Correction & Editing
  • Photoshop Lightroom Photo Editing
  • Photo Album Creation
  • Photoshop Composite & Manipulation

First we will have to select the best pictures which are worthy of preservation. This process is called culling or selecting. It is very crucial before doing other post production work. Then, we will have to move on to post production.

Now, post production carries a wide array of tasks. It includes color corrections, frame corrections and even trimming or cropping. But our work is not done yet, we have only extracted the outer shell of the whole job.

After some frame and color corrections, we will have to get into HDR blending. There are many photos that need to be blended according to the context. We will get to Thai point in the following segments.

Removing or changing the background is one of the most common requests of the clients. Even, we get numerous requests on changing the objects or adding or removing an individual from the content. Rest assured, our excellent editors and designers are here to save us.

It is really hard to make a chronological album that will contain all the memories. The album is the printed memories. This will pass on to generations and more. So, as we have to preserve the memories and legacy, flawless pictures are always the red spot of attraction.

Our wonderful curation team works with years of experience in the relative field. We will talk more about this in the relevant segment.

Now, as you have gained a rough knowledge about our services, we would like to dig deep into all the features and services that we have to offer.

Photograph Culling

If your wedding album doesn’t contain at least a thousand photos, then what are you doing in your life? Jokes apart, it is certainly a tough task to select the best pictures out of the crib.

However, you just focus on your wedding, we will do the rest for you. With our expert team, you will get the best quality culling that will also fit your pockets. We use state of the art software and years of experience to maintain the quality.

Photography Post Production

There are many pictures that can make up for the final album, but that one bad spot or insufficient lighting is making a huge issue.

Rest assured, we are here to the rescue. We provide excellent post production service. Our team is highly skilled and can deliver exactly what you need and want.

So, if you are worried about the color of your picture, or the slight disorientation of the framing, then we got you covered. We will make the photo unique and representable.

Photo Retouching

This is an important feature. There are times when you will find many spots that you don’t like. Maybe you want to make your skin flawless, or even brighter. Or you think that the lighting orientation needs to be changed.

If any of this comes into your mind, our team is always here to fulfill your wishes. They will remove any sort of spots, dust, scratches and unwanted elements from your picture. When you see the end result, you will be speechless.

HDR Photo Blending

Are you looking for a magic wand so that you can make everything perfect in your wedding pictures? We might not be able to help you with that. However, we might get everything done perfectly.

Now, you cannot deny the fact that weddings are chaotic. People will come to celebrate. And the photographer has no right to spoil all your joy by instructing you like a teacher! You relive your dreams. We will take care of the rest.

We will blend your photos, correct the coloring and shadows, resize the posture and make you picture perfect. After all, it’s your day, and you have all the right to make it perfect!

Removing & Changing Background

Sometimes the people are timeless, but the background is not. But not to worry, we have great photoshop experts that can change the background in no time. The changes will be so mature and perfect that you won’t be able to recognize yourself!

We have photoshop experts with years of experience and state of the art software. All you need to do is to select the package that suits you more.

Remove & Add Objects or People

Do you want to add a person who has not been in the photo? Yes, we can do that for you. There will be people who are close to you, yet anyhow missed to be captured in the frames. However, we got you covered.

We can add them in the photos as well. On top of that, if you want to remove someone or an object, we can provide you with that service as well.

Color Correction & Editing

Simple photos can be made great with a bit of magic. And we have the best magicians in the business. We can redo the color of your wedding photos to make them more lively and precious.

Select the best package and sit back and watch our magic!

Photoshop Lightroom Photo Editing

Weddings are special, so are wedding photos. And if you want to make your wedding photos stand out from the crowd, then we have just the service for you.

With premium Adobe Lightroom, we serve you with unique editing services that will make your pictures worth the occasion.

Photo Album Creation

Hundreds of memories, hundreds of pictures. But a Wedding Album is all about preserving the good memories of the couple, their friends, families and close ones. You will always face hard times to select what to take and what not to.

We have curators with years and years of experience who will help you in selecting the best pictures for your Album. Select the desired package and start enjoying our service.

Photoshop Composite & Manipulation

There are photos of your wedding day that are dying to get special care. But, you are not sure who to pick and why to pick for the job. Rest assured, we are here for you.

Our company provides you the best deals in post production and Photoshop composition for your wedding photos. We have great Photoshop experts with specialized knowledge in photoshop composition and manipulations.

Our after-sales service and customer satisfaction rate is excellent in the market. On top of that, you will not be able to find a better deal, particularly in this price point!


Weddings are the gift of God, it is the ultimate power of nature. Marriages not only unite couples, it creates a sacred bond between families. It creates a sacred vow of togetherness. The couple makes promises of not leaving each other no matter what the circumstances are.

Allow us to be a part of this wonderful venture of your life.  We will provide you with the best of services that can be provided. Our team is energetic, creative and highly experienced. What makes us stand out from others is that we value your emotions.

We value your preferences and your wishes. Choose us to enlighten your wedding pictures even more. Choose us because we believe in you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get free trials to check your service quality?

Undoubtedly you will get 2-3 free trials to check our working quality.

Are you able to provide rush delivery service?

Our rush service is the perfect option whenever you need to process a huge number of photographs in a short amount of time. This service offers a unique facility for completing tasks rapidly.

What Payment Method Do You Use?

We have a safe and simple payment method in place. Credit card payments can be made via PayPal. We also receive checks from US customers, as well as standard banking transactions.

What is the price per image that you charge?

Our price lists can be found in the right column of our website. It is, however, limited by image quantities, quality, and time limits. Kindly submit your queries at

Is there any discount if I order a large quantity?

We certainly do! A discount can be bestowed if a customer submits a project at least 100 photographs, and it raised up to 30% based on the image quantity and image classifications.

Are you accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Indeed, our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work not only throughout the day but also at nighttime to ensure that your work is completed on schedule.