Our Upload/Dwonload Option

You can transfer your images in many ways. For example FileZilla, Wetransfer.com, Dropbox.com, Google drive and Etc.

We are explaining some ways.

File Transfer (FTP) FileZilla

FileZilla client software is popular for all operating techniques to transfer files. Send your request to obtain your FTP account qualifications, however you must be the registered user on our site. If you don’t know how to make use of FTP, See our FileZilla tutorial.

Wetransfer.com file transfer process

People like to use Wetransfer.com, and if you’re one of them, that’s good please visit wetransfer.com. It is easy to upload files readily up to 2 GB dimension file but unlimited in order to upload files to the sample receiver. It also has a premium option for approximately 10 GB size for every transaction.

Dropbox.com file transfer process

Dropbox produces are nearly comparable to the Wetransfer.com. It has free storage space up to 2 GB but the advisable thing is, it has previewed option and can choose specific files to share around. Have a look at how dropbox.com works.

From your FTP account or server

It works just as we offer FTP credentials. Create FTP account out of your Cpanel or some additional means. Send us your FTP credentials to ensure that we can connect for your server and download the given records. We are able to also upload the finished files to your server as the permission is given in order to us.

Other upload-download processes

Certainly there are many other techniques you can utilize for sharing your files between us. Mainly they are free, and a number of them have a premium bundle. Although we choose to use our web site Uploader or FTP to maintain the files in exactly the same place without limitations for any particular period.